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Habib Jalib poetical revolution is still alive today


Habib Jalib, famous for his revolutionary poetry against political oppression. Malicious social sanctions and discrimination against human beings, is celebrated today.

He left the world forever on March 12, 1993.

The language that Habib Jalib wrote became obsolete. Wherever his poetry created awareness and zeal against the oppression and oppression. It also obeys the commandments, oppressed the people and oppressed the enemy’s judgments.

He continued to raise his voice in favor of the poor and downtrodden. Even in the face of poverty, hardship and despotism. It protested on the streets, not to be alarmed by the state repression and the cruelty of the animals.

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Fearless and fearless Habib Jalib’s thoughtfulness where Urdu poetry adorned with revolutionary songs, his romance songs are also noteworthy. But they are more popular because of their public poetry.

The echo of Habib Jalib’s famous discipline against the malicious. Malicious and dark decisions of political repression. Fanatics has been heard even during protests and protests against. The controversial law of citizenship in India and whenever there is oppression, oppression and injustice. However, the poets of Habib Jalb and their revolutionary anthems. It will warm the blood of the compulsory and indifferent and will persuade them to stand against the oppression.

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