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HabibFilm hero, producer, director

He was first verstile film hero in Pakistani films..

Habib is one of the most versatile film actors in Pakistan. He is now a golden jubilee film actor. He started his film career in 1956 – 50 years ago – and is still in film business as a supporting actor..!

He was the third most successful film hero in both Urdu and Punjabi films after Sudhir and Ejaz. He was also the second generation of top film heroes in Pakistan after Nazir, Sudhir, Santosh and Aslam Pervez.

Habib was the busiest hero heroes and he was the first ever film hero to complete 100 films landmark in Pakistan. He appeared in character actor roles when he was on top of his film career in the sixties.

Habib’s Urdu films

Habib was introduced in Urdu film Lakh-e-jiggar in 1956 by director Luqman. He played a role as younger brother of Madam Noor Jehan, who was main heroine in this film. Despite many flop films, he continuously appeared in large number of films during the 60s. In his first ten year as film hero, his tally of only Urdu films was more than 100 but successful film were only few of them. He got breakthrough from film Admi in 1958 and other hit Urdu films were Ayaz, Zehr-e-ishq, Surayya, Speran, Aulad, Mehtab, Maa ke Aansoo, Khandan, Aashiyana, Fashion, Dil ke tukrey, Eid Mubarak, Dil aur Duniya, Haar geya Insaan and Waqt. Hibib’s film career as hero was shaked by the successes of Mohammad Ali, Waheed Murad and Nadeem.

Habib’s Punjabi films

Habib’s first Punjabi film Shera in 1959 was flopped but his third film Mouj Mela in 1963 was a super hit musical film. Although, he was second hero in Pakistan’s first platinum jubilee film Jeedar (1965), but he could not succeeded until 1967 when film Dil da Jani got a huge success on box office. It was same year when the dominating Punjabi film hero Akmal passed away and Habib (with Ejaz) took over the status of super star heroes in Punjabi films. (Sudhir was super star since the 50s).

Habib & Ejaz

There are some very interesting similarities between Ejaz and Habib:

  • Habib and Ejaz started their film careers same time with film Lakht-e-Jiggar and Hameeda, respectively – both films were a copy of an Indian film Wachan and released in February 1956.
  • They had same roles in both films. Santosh was hero in both films and two top heroines Noor Jehan and Sabiha were main heroines in these films.
  • Habib’s first big film was Aadmi and Ejaz’s Bara Aadmi…!
  • Habib’s first Punjabi film was Shera and Ejaz’s Suchey Moti – both films were released on September 11, 1960 and Neelo was heroine in both films..!
  • Both actors got breakthrough in Punjabi films in 1967, Habib from Dil da Jani and Ejaz from Mirza Jatt.
  • Both actors were popular with Naghma and Firdous – two top heroines in Punjabi films. Habib married Naghma and Ejaz married Firdous and both pair was divorced.
  • Ejas produced film Dosti which was shooting in London. Habib’s Perdes was also shooting in London..!

Habib’s biography

Habib-ur-Rehman is a highly educated person; he was born in Indian state of Punjab. He was very busy and popular film hero since his start till the mid seventies. He was one of the most handsome and stylish film hero with the height of six fit. He will be remembered for his standing collar and folded cuffs of his shirt, which were especially very attractive among the cinegore “begmaat” or ladies from the sixties. He has 2 sons and 4 daughters. Habib migrated from India to Gujranwala at the time of independence. Habib married top Punjabi film heroine Naghma in 1972 which was there golden year as film pair. They separated after some years but are parent of a daughter. Habib is still active in film industry and on television.

Real name Habibur Rehman
Active career 1956-
Date of Birth
Born at
Language Punjabi
Profession Acting
Family Naghma (ex-wife)
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