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Hamza Ali Abbasi also pray for Hindus


Former actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has been praying for Muslims as well as Hindus over the riots in the Indian capital, New Delhi.

Calling against the riots and persecution in the Indian capital, Delhi, former actor Hamza Ali Abbasi shared the news on a micro-blogging site Twitter about a Hindu man who saved six Muslim neighbors from extremist bullying himself. Looked at the fire.

Hamza Abbasi wrote in his tweet, “May Allaah have mercy on the Muslims and Hindus of India and may Allaah have mercy on all those human beings who live in our neighborhood.”

He wrote, ‘I pray that India should unite and stand up against this Hindutva terror.’

Some consumers are criticizing the actor for praying for the Hindus. One user jokingly said, ‘Hindu so! Prayer for Hindus.

He further wrote that ‘terror of Hindu extremists is going on in Delhi’.

He demanded the world to take notice of the situation in Delhi.

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