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I will make religious plays like ‘Alif’, Hamza Ali Abbasi


Former actor Hamza Ali Abbasi says he will make religion-related films, documentaries and plays. Such as Geo Entertainment’s most popular drama serial ‘Alif’.

A video of former actress Hamza Ali Abbasi. Who quit acting last year. Went viral on social media in which he told her fans that. He would make some kind of movie and drama in the future.

Hamza Ali Abbasi asked the attendees, “How many of you are watching the drama serial ‘Alf’?” Many people raised their hand in response to the former actor’s question to which Hamza Ali Abbasi smiled and said. “I thought only 3 to 4 people would raise their hands.”

Hamza Abbasi said that ‘actually’ A ‘is the first step that forced me to create religious material. ” 

He said, ‘Al is my first project that I did because it has the message of Allah.’

He said, “I want to serve my services in creating such content as filmmaking and cinematography etc. are also a part of the media and I will spread the message of Allah through it.”

He said that ‘the most powerful weapon of the day is media and we can use it to make short films, documentaries and plays on religious material.’

Hamza Al, who announced to quit acting last year, said that he will now do film production and production, but will not act as he is currently playing the lead role in Geo Entertainment’s most popular serial ‘A’. Are playing

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