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Hamza Ali Abbasi Meaningful Message to Muslims


Pakistan’s leading actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has posted a meaningful message for Muslims on social media.

Yesterday, Hamza Ali Abbasi, a renowned actor from Pakistan Showbiz Industry, posted a message to Muslims on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

Hamza Abbasi wrote in his tweet, “You should never have a view of how you look, what country you belong to, what tribe you belong to or what religious beliefs you have.”

The actor wrote, “If you boast on all these things or you say you have superiority over other people because of all these things, it is wrong.”

He wrote, “You have not chosen these things yourself, so you know that it is the devil’s job to boast or to humble someone.”

Hamza Abbasi wrote, “Be humble for the sake of Allah.”

It should be noted that Hamza Abbasi is often seen posting informational messages on Islam on Twitter and his fans also like his messages very much.

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