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Hamza Abbasi’s special message for Muslims


Hamza Ali Abbasi, a well-known actor in Pakistan’s film and TV industry, has come up with a special message for his Muslim fans.

Tweeting on the micro-blogging site Twitter, Hamza Ali Abbasi wrote, “My Muslim brothers and sisters, give up all evil deeds and return to the Qur’an and Sunnah.”

Hamza Abbasi wrote, “Leave all those who seduce you and encourage you to abuse, hate and do evil deeds.”

“Let go of those who enslave you by showing you false dreams of ruling the world,” the actor wrote.

He wrote, “Leave all this and start living according to the way prescribed by Allah and His Messenger.”

Earlier, Hamza Abbasi had apologized to all his fans in a tweet.

Hamza Abbasi had said that he wanted to apologize to anyone who had hurt him in the past with his actions or words.

He said he begged everyone to forgive him and he was sorry that someone was hurt because of him.

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