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Hamza Ali Abbasi steps down as PTI’s secretary culture

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Hamza Ali Abbasi has announced his decision to resign as Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s (PTI) Culture Secretary through a Facebook status on Tuesday.

The actor, who has recently been in the news for his provocative statements regarding his co-stars, deemed himself “no more eligible” to represent Pakistani culture in a political party.

Referring to a recent film, Hamza stated that completing the film went against what he believed in, and this was what had prompted his resignation.

“Since I failed to act on my own beliefs, I deem I am no more eligible to represent Pakistani culture in a political party and hence, I am resigning as Sec. Culture PTI.”

Abbasi, a former civil service trainee, has been an active and supporter of the PTI and its chairman Imran Khan. He joined the party late last year and was spotted on many of the party’s sit-ins held last year to overthrow the incumbent Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government. He was appointed as the Secretary Culture for the political party on January 23 this year.

His next film is titled Jawani Phir Nahi Aani and is slated for release on Eid ul Adha.

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