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Hamza Ali Abbasi still hopes to find Covid_19 treatment


Hamza Ali Abbasi, who is on the verge of extinction from the Pakistani showbiz industry. He is looking forward to discovering the treatment of the rapidly spreading deadly corona virus worldwide.

He also wrote on social networking site Twitter. “Insha Allah, we will soon discover the treatment of Quaid-19 and life will continue like this.”

Hamza Ali Abbasi

He also reminded his fans that we should not forget that death will come soon for all of us. We have to be responsible for all our intentions and actions before our Creator.

It may be recalled that Hamza Abbasi announced his departure from the showbiz industry. In November last year after he was involved in a marriage with Nemal Khawar.

Hamza Ali Abbasi & Naimal Khawar

The temporary demolition of the showbiz industry was announced by Hamza Abbasi. In a video message in which Hamza Abbasi reiterated that. He would now spend the rest of his life pursuing the principles of Allah and Islam.

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