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Hamza Ali Abbasi Tweet about religious views


Leading actor Hamza Ali Abbasi says he cannot change anyone’s religious views with one of his tweets.

Yesterday, Hamza Ali Abbasi, a prominent actor from the Pakistan Showbiz industry. He wrote on the micro-blogging site Twitter, “I can’t change a person’s religious views through one of my tweets.”

Hamza Abbasi wrote. ‘The only request I can make is to have a high level of awareness in this difficult time. That is capable of everything and to respond to us after we die. ‘

The actor wrote, “It would be better for us to do good deeds and charity in this difficult time.”

He wrote that “no doubt every soul tastes death.”

On this Tweet from Hamza Abbasi, a Twitter user named Madiyah asked him, ‘How are you spending your time in Quarantina?

Responding to a Twitter user’s question, Hamza Abbasi wrote that ‘I am spending my time in Quarantina with family, praying and charity at home.’

In response to the actor, the Twitter user wrote, “This is a good thing, we should all help the poor as we can.”

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