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Hania Amir about Instagram filters


Hania Amir has consistently ventured forward to give her considerations to the scorn. She’s gotten for her filtered conversation on colour and its relationship with beauty.

Hania recently asserted that “For those needing to compose on skin energy and outlining my words rather in an unexpected way. I’ve been coming exposed face via social media showing my finished skin, pimples for as long as two years. That is what be the issue here, not using the chance to target somebody and become an opportunist.”

Hanya Aamir

Recently Hania Amir took to her Instagram story and shared a video for her followers regarding the use of filters.

Hanya Amir

You guy just has to stop now. It’s 2021 and now filters are a part of our lives and everyone needs to be okay now with a fact that people are using filters on their faces. I’m using a filter right now, I actually don’t look like this in real”, says Hania.

Hanya Aamir
Hanya Aamir

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