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Hania Amir is not Beautiful Now


Drama and film industry actress Hania Amir shared a new photo yesterday has stripped her of being even more beautiful.

Hania is widely liked not only in Pakistan but all over the world because of her beauty and excellent acting, but it should be said that Haniya is counted among the most talented actresses in Pakistan.

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How much blush is too much blush?

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Hania Amir has released a photo on her Instagram account in which she looks a bit different, and her fans have been commenting on this photo. Fans say the actress may have undergone surgery that went wrong and has eroded her natural beauty.

Another user says ‘Hania Amir is looking bad,’ then someone said, ‘Loss of surgery, you are no longer beautiful.’

In addition to critical comments on Haniya Aamir. She is said to have looked like Tokyo, the heroine of the Netflix show ‘Money Heist’ after surgery. Commenting on the actress’s photo. A user named Fawad Khan said that Haniya Aamir looks like an impeccable version of Tokyo.

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اتنی میں معصوم

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Hania Amir himself seems to feel innocent after the surgery only then he wrote on his caption with his picture on Instagram that ‘so innocent.’

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