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Pakistanis ring in 2020 with fireworks and festivity


Pakistanis on Wednesday celebrated the Happy new year with festivity, fireworks and celebrations all around.

Fireworks could be witnessed in different cities of the country. As people took to the streets to rejoice the coming of the new year.

Greetings and messages of “Happy New Year” were exchanged.

Here are some of the places. Where fireworks were witnessed as people welcomed in the new year. New Year jubilation firing in Karachi injures seven

Seven people were injured in different parts of the city on Tuesday night. Due to celebratory aerial firing on the occasion of new year.

New Year’s eve turned out to be deadly for Karachi. The sound of gunshots rang throughout various parts of the city.

As people took to the streets in jubilation to celebrate. The coming of 2020 some were injured as a result of the jubilation firing.

According to Rescue officials, the number of injured persons in the city rose to seven.

They were shifted to hospitals for medical treatment.

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