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Hareem Farooq express her love to the social media family


Hareem Farooq, a well-known and capable actress of Pakistan film and TV industry, has expressed her love for her social media family in a unique way.

On the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, Hareem Farooq sent a message to her fans on the photo and video-sharing app Instagram, saying, “Unfortunately this year we are depressed on the occasion of Eid but still we have to celebrate Eid because it is our It is a gift from Allah.

Advising the fans to celebrate Eid, Hareem Farooq said, “You want to celebrate Eid any way you want. You can take a selfie wearing your Eid dress if you want or like me on social media and mobile phone.” You can celebrate Eid with your family while you are away or you can sleep all day and spend Eid.

The actress said, “Celebrate Eid as you do, but take precautions because it can help the whole world.”

“Only when you love yourself will you be able to love the world,” he said.

Hareem Farooq added, “Take care of yourself and hope for better days.”

Along with this message, Hareem also shared a picture of ‘Bamboo Plant’ i.e. bamboo plant.

Sharing this photo, Hareem said, “This is my favourite plant and according to Chinese tradition, two bamboo plants represent love.”

“So I have shared this photo for my social media family so that I can express my love to you,” said Hareem Farooq.

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