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Hareem Farooq hopes to better soon


Leading actress Hareem Farooq says that keep in mind that. It is the system of Allah that there is light after dark, bad times do not always last.

Last night, the famous actress from Pakistan Showbiz industry, Hareem Farooq shared a photo of herself on Instagram with the photo and video sharing app Instagram, in which she wore a beautiful white dress.

In the caption of this photo, Harim Farooq first wrote some poems of poet Allama Iqbal:

سورج نے دیا اپنی چھاؤں کو یہ پیغام

دُنیا ہے عجیب چیز کبھی صبح کبھی شام

The actress wrote, “It will always be remembered that after dark there is always light. This is the system of Allah. What has changed suddenly in the world is inevitable but nothing lasts forever. One day is over. ‘

He wrote that “it is important that we support each other in this difficult time, help each other and stay positive. The good times are very near.”

In his post caption, Harim Farooq asked his fans, ‘What are you guys doing to stay positive?’

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