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Hareem Farooq in Self Quarantine.


Hareem Farooq, a leading actress of the Pakistan Film and TV Industry, cleans her wardrobe during self-quarantine. With most of the items she intends to give to deserving people at the end of the quarantine.

On a social network, Hareem Farooq said on his tweet that. We can do a lot of good work even when isolation is the most important of all.

Hareem Farooq

During the isolation, she took time to clean his wardrobe, from which he had received much, which he would distribute to those deserving at the end of the Insha’Allah quarantine.

She says that ” Social distancing is VITAL! But we can still do smthing good even in isolation. Eg, I finally got time to do a wardrobe detox & found so much that will be distributed to more deserving ppl(obv once we’re free from corona INSHAALLAH)”/

It is important to note that the number of victims of the rapidly spreading corona virus worldwide has increased to more than 2,535,000 victims in 176 countries and the number of deaths from the virus is more than 9,880.

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