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Hareem Shah says she has no fear of his video being leaked


Hareem Shah participated in host Tabish Hashmi’s online show “To Be Honest”. Where she spoke on many topics including Pakistani politics and politicians.

Hareem Shah

She said that she is very fearless. Hareem is not afraid of anyone and she does not allow anyone to impose on her. She told TikTok about his first salary that she was made a brand ambassador by a company. Her first salary was Rs 600,000.

Hareem Shah

Hareem Shah said that if she ever gets a chance to join any political party in future. She will join PPP and he blamed Bilawal for joining PPP.

Hareem called Sheikh Rashid during the show and told him that she was his best friend and always picked up his phone. In the show, Hareem also called Mufti Qawi but he did not speak.

Hareem Shah

Hareem Shah termed the senior journalists and anchors in the show as unprofessional and said that these people make baseless, unverified and false statements in their shows in the rating cycle.

Host Tabish Hashmi asked Hareem what would be his reaction if a video was leaked to him which he did not want to be seen by others. Hareem Shah said don’t do anything that you are afraid of leaking video.

Hareem Shah

Hareem Shah also termed politicians as Turkish and said that there is no other politician in public figures who is Turkish. These people have held high positions but they do not know how to use their position properly. However, other celebrities such as artists and hosts still care about their self-esteem.

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