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Have a Touch of Hijab In Life Like These Pakistani Actresses

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All the Muslim girls should wear Hijab in life, like these Pakistani actresses. Hijab is the need of every girl as it provides you a shield.


This shield protects all the women in a big crowd of people. Sometimes we have to live, work and walk with boys at different places. In this situation we need to cover ourselves with abaya or hijab. Therefore each Pakistani actress also wears hijab for their safety. On the other hand it also looks stylish and modernistic. Now let us see beautiful pictures of famous Pakistani actresses in hijab.




In her hit drama serial “Shanakht” Maya Ali wears stylish Hijab. After the popularity of this serial it has become fashion of our industry.Now her style has become very famous that every young girl wants to follow it.In her whole serial she describes that it is a need of all women. Maya Ali includes is some cute and pretty Pakistani actresses.

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Here I have posted some UMRAH pictures of hot film star Veena Malik. She was wearing abaya in Saudi Arabia with her husband. And this stunning woman is looking very attractive in these pictures. A Muslim lady should wear hijab while going outside.



She is including in most of the elegant and charming Pakistani actresses. Sadia Imam also started wearing hijab as she realized its importance. Beauty is not for show its real purpose is to save it for your sake. She was a good model but Sadia left showbiz industry after her marriage.



No doubt that she was the best actress as well as model of Pakistan. Sumbul Iqbal also dressed in hijab in her latest drama named as Aik Pal. In this serial she is doing a role of good Muslim girl who is living according to Islam. Like other cute Pakistani actresses Sumbul has also innocent face.



According to dazzling stage dancer Nargis “Islam is the best religion”. It is complete and we need to just follow it in our daily life. She left stage dancing and started preaching Islam in the worldwide. Nargis is attending many Islamic conferences these days. She prays to Allah that forgive me for what I did in past.



Arij Fatima

Among all the gorgeous Pakistani Actresses Arij Fatima needs no introduction. She did many hit drama serials for different TV channels. In her daily life or while doing a character in serial she often wears hijab. She has natural beauty so she looks wonderful in this dress.


Urooj Nasir

She is very popular as a morning show host among all the people. While doing her job as a host Urooj Nasir wears hijab daily. Her styles are very simple but stylish and distinctive. She said in an interview that “now I will wear hijab on every occasion”.

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Sataesh Khan

She is also nominated in best Pakistani actresses but now not in this field. Sataesh khan has an impressive and eye-catching personality. Her beauty increases more when it takes a touch of head-gear. She says that “I feel very shameless when I see my past. My career was not bad but it is not suitable for a Muslim Girl”.

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