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Hema Malini praised son’s decision to contest election


Indian famous filmstar hema and producer who is now also a very active politician, Hema Malini has appreciated Sunny Deol’s decision for contesting election as a BJP candidate for the Lok Sabha seat from Gurdaspur.

She has also talked about the importance of election and has said every citizen should actively participate in this national event. Hema is nowadays actively running election campaign as a BJP leader and trying hard to promote its party policies in comparison with the opposition parties performance.

She has said that the opposition parties has not delivered to poors. Neither these parties done well for the development of backward areas and the country as a whole.She has also said that Sunny Deol has a very big fan circle in Gurdaspur and all over India.

She also favoured the political program of Deol. It may be recalled that Hema malini is also stepmother of Sunny Deol. Sunny Deol’s father Mahindra is the husband of Hema Malini and is the father of Sunny Deol.

He too, is nowadays running the election campaign of BJP, the party of his wife. Both, wife and husband are delivering hot favourable statements not only in favour of the party but also in favour of the personality of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Now one more young blood their son Sunny Deol is available to BJP and the it may feel itself very confident with reference to its success in the election.

Hema, already won the previous elections and is a seating member of parliament from the platform of this party. It appears the main manifesto of BJP party, which is being displayed by it, whether real or not, is that the main target of the party is to work for the betterment of the poor masses.

Its leaders including Hema Malini, are trying to display their solidarity with poors by showing their various activities such as tractor riding in fields etc. However Hema says that this is not the first time of riding tractor.

Party says that it is confident about its victory but simultaneously its effort to get support from famous showbiz people having large fan circle also indicates an inner weakness or the lack of confidence  of the party for winning the election with its own strength. 



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