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Hema Malini starts election campaign


Indian film actress, writer, director and producer, Hema Malini has started her election campaign in full swing. She is contesting the election as a candidate for the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Hema Malini is  already a winner of 2014 elections and has remained member of parliament from the same Party.Her party affiliation is being seen by the public very surprisingly. It is well known fact that the affiliation to any party or group reflects the way of thinking of a person.

Accordingly her choice for a party which is described as not liberal by certain quarters, and does not posses equal thinking for all religious sections of the society, has surprised several people. An artist is usually considered a liberal and broad minded person.

However she won the previous elections in the same capacity and from the same party.Hema Malini is also a writer. A writer has a very broad thinking and a person who sees the things in depth and very thoroughly and minotely. This is why people are seeing her party affiliation more surprisingly.

Hema malini is nowadays posting her pictures in the social media, which are not unique but a common practice by 90 percent candidates contesting elections i.e. the pictures with poor workers in farm or any other working or public place to indicate their solidarity with them.

She  In one of such photos she is sitting on a tractor; and in another photo she is holding in her arm the wheat crop for taking out grains of the wheat.Several people and her opposition leaders, including Faruq Abdullah have criticised her bitterly and described all this as unreal.The Party found Hema Malini as a suitable candidate because of her fame.

All people of the country already know her.and the party can reap the benefit and advantage of her fame.Hema Malini was already a very famous person due to her film career. She has worked in more than 150 films and also earned several very prestigious awards.

These awards include the ones given be the government and hence she enjoys a good reputation as a talented and hardworking celebrity of the Indian film industry.

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