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Hema Malini’s campaign is in full swing


Indian film star Hema Malini who is also a member parliament after winning previous election, is running her campaign in full swing. The  campaign took a new turn when her actor husband Dharmendra  jumped into it. He delivers hot statements in her favour and says that. s that her wife, Hema has done so much work in her constituency of Mathura that even in the previous sixty years nobody could do. Hema regarding her position in the election field, says now she is in better position and now the things have become easier as the provincial and central both cobernments are being controlled by the BJP.

Hema’s opposition bitterly criticises her style of campaign specially her tractor riding in fields with farmers to indicate her solidarity with them. The opposition says that this is quite artificial and nothing to do with reality. Replying to this criticism, she says that  this is not the first time when she sits on tractor. She says ” I do so several times whenever I visit any village or nearby farms.and nobody is always there to take my photos while doing so”.

She also said that media liked suh photos in order to make hot news, so she did so also for them. What is wrong in that.Hema Malini says ”We are to work for Mathora, serve its people and preserve the heritage of this place. I arranged renovation of congested roads and made cleanliness arrangements better. We are to serve and maintain the place of Lord Krishna”.

Hema also replied to the one more point of her opposition’s criticism.  Hr opposition says that the contest is between local people and an outsider. In reply to this point, she explained her position and said ”I am not an outsider because I have also a house in Mathura”.

She further said that only being a local person is not enough but the person whether local or outsider should also have a heart feeling people’s problems and willig to solve them”.Hema Malini louded the party’s prime minister Narendra Modi’s efforts tor the welfare of the country’s masses and said ”In Mathura still there is an active wave for the favour of the Prime Minister. 



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