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Hiba Bukhari and Ariz Ahmad fight on the next day of marriage


Actress Hiba Bukhari and her husband Arez Ahmed had a fight on the very next day of their marriage.

Hiba Bukhari, the beautiful actress of Pakistan Showbiz, who tied the knot this month. They has shared a video on social media. In the video, Hiba and Arez are getting in the car of the bride and groom. Meanwhile there is a very cute fight between the two.

Hiba Bukhari

Hiba asks her husband how bad I feel? On which Arez says so much that I married you. After that, Arez is seen complaining about his newlywed bride, history has shown that you fought with me on the day after marriage.

Hiba and Arez

Hiba says angrily on this complaint of Arez. Now also tell me why I have fought with you. And then she starts answering herself. History testifies that you were absent all day the day after the marriage, you were among your friends or I don’t know where you were, I don’t know. But you were absent all day and this is the loss of love marriage.

Hiba and Arez

However, it was not a serious fight between Hiba and Arez but a very cute fight and in this fight their love for each other was clearly reflected.

Hiba and Arez

In the video, Arez Ahmed narrates the story of his first meeting with his wife Hiba and says that when I first met you, I remember every single thing of that time.

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