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Hiba Bukhari & Areez Ahmed’s wedding has started


The Wedding celebrations have also started for Pakistan’s beautiful artist couple, actress Hiba Bukhari and actor Areez Ahmed.

Hiba Bukhari has shared some beautiful photos of herself on her social media account Instagram. In which she is seen wearing a beautiful mustard colored frock and floral ornaments.

Hiba Bukhari

Her fans believed that these photos of Habba Bukhari could be the photos of her new photo shoot. So now Habba Bukhari has confirmed about her own mothers and getting married soon.

Hiba Bukhari

On the other hand, actor Areez Ahmed, who will soon become a friend of Hiba. He has also shared a photo with Hiba Bukhari on his Instagram account.

Hiba Bukhari

This photo shared by Areez Ahmed is taken from their henna ritual. In which this soon to be reunited beautiful artist couple. They sitting with on their face and henna in their hands.

Areez Ahmed writes in the caption of this post that “Like your story and mine. This happened, mothers, suddenly and beautifully.”

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