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Hilarious Memes to Tik Tok Banning in Pakistan.


The never-ending debate about whether hilarious Tik Tok should be ban or not in Pakistan has finally ended today. PTA putting a ban on the application. This ban was impose owing to the ‘immoral and indent’ content. Which was share on the application. After notifying the authorities about its concerns multiple times, PTA decided to ban the application for Pakistani users today.

Tik Tok is one of the most popular applications use by people of all ages in Pakistan. Therefore Tik Tokers with a massive fan following have become so popular that they are often invited to talk shows. They have achieve the status of ‘celebrities’ by making these videos. Not only this, these users have been earning a lot by endorsing brands. While this is the good side of Tik Tok, there are many aspects that are not that positive. Due to this, many people have called for a ban on the application. Feroze Khan went as far as calling Tik Tok cancer for the society. Famous Tik Toker Jannat Mirza reached 10 million followers today. And today also happened to be the day when Tik Tok was banned.

Most of the social media users are overjoyed by the news. This ban has also resulted in bringing out the humorous side of social media users. The memes and reactions are lit.

Here are some hilarious memes and reactions:

Have you seen the funny memes. It is such a piece of entertainment for us. They members always makes us laugh according to the trend. Even its a sad news they never fail to make our day awesome. Like these hilarious memes are the proof of it. Which cannot be denied. And can seen clearly above. Did you like funny memes? Did you laugh as much loud as it could be?

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