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Hindi Medium’ shall be a treat for local distributors

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Saba Qamar’s Hindi Medium will be the first Bollywood film with a Pakistani actor releasing in Pakistan.

since the ban on Indian films has been lifted. Hindi Medium was purchased by the Distribution Club and preparations for its release are going on in full swing.

According to local film cinema owners and distributors, this flick could do wonders, at least in a business point of view, as earlier released Bollywood and Lollywood films gave them massive financial losses. Raasta was one such local film that left distributors in abysmal damages in terms of money.

Saba Qamar’s much-awaited film is set to release on May 19 in Pakistan and worldwide. It is pertinent to mention that local film viewers were disappointed in the past as Pakistani Film censor boards did not permit the release of Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan’s Raees in Pakistan due to its objectionable script and dialogues.

Hindi Medium trailer: Saba Qamar gives Irrfan Khan a run for his money
However, this time around, distributors are optimistic as according to reports, there is nothing offensive about Hindi Medium. The mirthful story of the movie was written by Zeenat Lakhani and Saket Chaudhary and its script revolves around a married couple and their anguishes that are amplified by societal pressures. The comedy drama which is also directed by Chaudhary boasts a star-spangled cast, comprising Swati Das, Deepak Dobriyal, Jaspal Sharma and of course Saba Qamar and Irrfan Khan as protagonists.

The screening of the film took place at traditional Indian locations and the local Indian culture is a major constituent of the film – but fortunately, that won’t strike a wrong chord with the censor board! It is also vital to note that the holy month Ramadan slows down film viewership and business; resultantly distributors usually avoid purchasing films during this time, with all their focus on films that will be in the race to opening shows during Eidul Fitr.

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The distribution club’s sources revealed that they have purchased Hindi Medium and are now finalising cinemas and showtimes for it, and it has been confirmed that the much-awaited movie will receive censor certificate in Pakistan.

“The situation of cinema in Pakistan is not doing its best, especially after the ban on Bollywood films was lifted,” shared Chaudhary Ejaz Kamran, Chairman Pakistan Film Distributors Association (PFDA). He further added, “Our local industry and local movies have failed to generate adequate profits so we are looking forward to Hindi Medium’s release. Cinemagoers need entertainment and films provide audiences with just that so it is important for films to house elements that attract fans.” The Chairman also confessed, “Without establishing a strong Lollywood through impressive productions, we cannot improve our industry”

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