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Hira Mani About Her Husband


Hira Mani, a leading actress from Pakistan showbiz industry, shared a video on Instagram of social networking site Instagram in which she told her fans the reason for her success and said, ‘They are whatever their husbands are today. Because of the money. ‘

Hira Mani Family

The actress said, “This is the period when I was just an ordinary girl eleven years ago and I was married to a celebrity, Mani and at that time I was known only as Mani’s wife.”

She said, “At that time I was offered a show so I was very scared and wondered whether I would be able to do it or not because my older son was Muzamil at that time.”

The actress said, “The less I praise my husband Mani here, the less because Mani has convinced me that no matter what the task is, and you can do it all.”

She said, ‘All the fame and success I have received today is due to mere and only money because money has created the confidence in me that has convinced me that I am something.’

She added, “It is very important for every man to instill confidence in his mother, sister and wife that they can do everything and when they feel they are something, then they are all You are suffering. ‘

Here The Video:

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