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Hira Mani former manager accuses actress of threatening and torturing him


Actress Hira Mani former manager Nuzhat Abid Jafri has accused her of threatening and torturing.

Hira Mani

Hira former manager Nuzhat Jafari revealed in an interview to a local channel that Hira had abused and tortured him. The reason for the quarrel between the two was the mental tension of Hira . Actress was suffering from mental stress due to not getting work in many big projects.

Hira Mani

“I have worked with Hira for almost 3 years,” said Nuzhat Jafari. The reason for the quarrel is that when the professional work is not in your hands and what you are thinking but things do not suit you, you bubble up.

Hira Mani

Coincidentally, there were some projects like ISPR etc. and some of the songs did not include Hira Mani. Besides, there was an award which the actress did not get, so she got angry with me. “No one can threaten me and if I am wrong, I will be punished,” said the former Hira Mani manager

Hira Mani

According to local media, Nuzhat Jaffery has also lodged a complaint with Karachi police against actress Hira Mani. Police have asked the former manager for all the data and evidence.

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