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Hira Mani messege for Mani on his 12th wedding Anniversary


On this occasion an interesting and naughty post came out from Hira Mani Instagram account. In which she shared an old photo with his Mani and saying, “Look what I got.”

She said with a smile, “Congratulations, we have been together 12 years today. Thank you for being such a blessing to me.”

At the end of the caption. Hira also gave the wedding anniversary greetings in a very naughty manner and said, “Happy birthday.”

The real name of the actress is Syeda Hira Salman. Who is famous for Hira Mani. While the comedian and actor known as Mani is the real name Salman Sheikh.

The well-known couple married in 2008. Both having 2 sons. Named Muzamil and Ibrahim.

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