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Why does everyone seem ‘golden’ with money?


Leading actress Hira Mani has asked her husband Mani why they feel everything Golden when she is with them.

Last night, Hira Mani, a leading actress from Pakistan Showbiz Industry, shared two pictures with her husband Mani on Instagram on the social networking site.

In her caption of the photos, Hira wrote, ‘Why do I feel everything Golden when I am with you?’

The actress further wrote that ‘it feels as if the world is golden and we are flying in it.’

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They wrote, ‘Everything looks shiny and magical.’

Commenting on this post of Haram Mani, Saba Faisal commented, “Because of your shining heart, you all feel golden.”

Remember that Hera often writes loving messages for her husband Manny on social media, and she says that the reason for her success and reputation is solely her husband.

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