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We value someone after they leave: Hira Mani


Actress Hira Mani says that when someone is present among us, we do not value him but after people leave the world, we value him.

In a recent social media message, the actress wrote, urging people to be compassionate and humble, saying that he who has compassion in his heart has God in his heart.

On the social networking site Instagram, Hira Mani shared a thought-provoking and thought-provoking post in which she said, “Why is it that when someone leaves, they are worth it?”

He wrote in a questioning manner, “Why is it that when he is among us, we are not happy with his goodness and happiness?” And as he shares his joys, we are testing him with his laughter.

In his message, Hira Mani said that why we have become so cruel, false and selfish, why we do not accept the success of anyone in front of us and why we consider the struggle of others easy and our small effort big ۔

The actress wrote that when will we come out of our caste and our life? He said that not only oneself but also others need love.

In her post, the actress urged people to be compassionate and said that they should have compassion in their hearts because whoever has compassion in his heart has God in his heart.

In the caption of the post, the actress prayed to God Almighty that when God gives success to someone, he should also keep his heart soft.

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