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Hoffman To Watch Happy New Year At A Mumbai Multiplex

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The cast of Hollywood film ‘The Best Of Me’ is in India to promote their film and director Michael Hoffman is very excited about their trip to the land of love.
The director is looking forward to the response to his romantic saga in a country that respects love the most. “Ours is a love story and what better country to understand it than India.” The film is extremely close to Michael’s heart and was his way of coping with the rather difficult time he was going through in his personal life. “I had just been through a crazy divorce and had lost faith in love. When I was approached to adapt the novel into a film I took it up mostly as a means to cope up with what I had been through. And the making of the film has been a healing experience for me,” explains the director.
However even before the film went on the floors Hoffman had a hard time when his choice of actor for the film Paul Walker died in an accident. “I was deeply shocked by Paul’s accident. I was really looking forward to work with him on the film. However the film had to be made and I couldn’t have found a better Dawson than James. He and Michelle make a great pair!” says the director.
The fact that India is emerging as a huge market for Hollywood films is evident from the extensive promotional activities planned for the film in the country. But there are more reasons than one for the team’s India visit. “Nicholas Sparks’ novels are a favorite in India as are the films that are adapted from his novels. So it was imperative that we promoted the film in the country” explains Hoffman.
But the director isn’t limiting himself to the promotions. Michael is currently working on another series for the Chinese market and keeping himself open to the idea of working in India. So much so that Michael might even consider adapting The Best Of Me for the Bollywood audience. “If the response to this film is good I don’t see why a Hindi film on the same lines won’t be appreciated” he answers.
And what does he think of Bollywood? “I must admit that I don’t know much about the Hindi film industry but I am keen to find out. Ever since I landed in the city I have been seeing posters of Happy New Year and have been informed that it is doing extremely well. I intend to find out what the noise is all about. I have booked tickets to watch the film at G7 multiplex today” exults Michael. He is also all praise about Haider and in it hopes to see the different side of Bollywood. “I have been told that the film is not the usual Bollywood fare and hence I would like to see the new kind of cinema that is finding acceptance in the country” he says.

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