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Hollywood Legend Lauren Bacall Dead At 89

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Lauren Bacall, an icon of Hollywood past and present, was reported dead at Tuesday evening. At 89 years old, Bacall remained an active presence on the big screen; the actress had one project in development upon her death: debut director Tom Konkle’s Trouble Is My Business.

Although Bacall’s recent slate has included triumphs like Lars von Trier’s Dogtooth and Manderlay, as well as Jonathan Glazer’s Birth, she will always be best known and most celebrated for her early endeavors. We look foremost to The Big Sleep, the noir thriller that pit Bacall against Humphrey Bogart, one of the few talents who could match her sheer cinematic power.

Through the decades to follow, Bacall starred in noteworthy entries like How to Marry a Millionaire, Written on the Wind, and Murder on the Orient Express, and later The Mirror Has Two Faces. In every picture, Bacall proved herself a dynamite purveyor of thrills, drama, comedy, and romance. From the dawn of her career on through the recent years, Bacall was a venerated force in show business, and one without whom we’d never have some of the greatest pieces of film.

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