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Care of the face is important and that is why it is essential to find time to take care of it. And while some of us spend lots of money on face care by depending on the skills of beauty experts

but at times what is missed out is the area around the neck. It has to be kept in mind that the neck area is most exposed to dust, pollution, sweat and other environmental impurities resulting in the neck surface becoming dark.

This kind of appearance has to be effectively taken care of. For corrective action here are very useful home remedies that can lighten the dark neck. Radiance can be achieved by making use of these remedies. An additional benefit is that the skin will also get tightened.

1. Use Lemon Juice

As a bleaching agent lemon juice is excellent. An important component of lemon juice is citric acid and this removes dark skin easily. Another component of Lemon juice is vitamin C and this facilitates in bringing shine to the skin. The procedure to be used is to rub half a lemon on your neck for ten to fifteen minutes. It will yield a better complexion.

In case the skin is sensitive skin, mix equal quantity of rose water in lemon juice and then proceed to apply it on the neck. Regular use vastly improves neck complexion.

2. Depend on Orange Peels

Orange is vitamin C enriched. Through use of orange peel remedy the skin can become blemish free. And besides its application to the neck, orange can also be used on elbow area and face. As for the procedure just peel some oranges and keep the peels in the sun for drying it out.

Proceed to grind via a grinder. Prepare a paste with the help of raw milk and thereafter go ahead and apply this paste on the neck. It can be left there for ten minutes. A daily application is recommended for satisfying results.

3. Use of Gram Flour (Besan)

Gram Flour is a natural exfoliator and hence the choice of the females to achieve skin radiance. This product can also reduce and lighten the neck darkness.

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