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How did Corona victim Nida Yasir celebrate Eid?


Corona was diagnosed with Nida Yasir. A well-known host of Pakistan TV industry, and her husband Yasir Nawaz and daughter Salah Yasir. After which they have been quarantined.

On the occasion of Eid, Nida, Yasir and Salah spent a separate place in the house. While their sons Balaj and Farid, who had a negative experience of Corona, celebrated Eid separately.

Yasir Nawaz

A picture of the family is circulating on social media sites. Especially Instagram, in which Nida’s son is sitting downstairs. While the three victims of Corona are seen standing on the roof.

It should be noted that the host had confirmed that he was suffering from corona on Instagram.

In one of her posts, Nida shared a booming video with her daughter, referring to her condition, saying that by the grace of Allah, she is in good health, but my, my husband and our daughter’s corona test came back positive. After which we have all been quarantined.

Describing his sons, he said, “By the grace of God, my sons’ corona tests have been negative.”

In the messages issued by Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz, prayers were also requested from the fans.

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