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2020: How the world will celebrate the New Year


2019 Review | Today the calendar will change and the world will begin its journey in 2020.

Colorful ceremonies will be organized to welcome the new CE year. There will be a fireworks display somewhere.  In some countries. The historic hour will gather outside the house to hear the sound of the New Year’s arrival. The inhabitants of a city will watch. The crystal ball rise from the height of the clock to the central square, and so on. 2019 will become the past.

The new year will begin with happy colors, hopes and hearts. In celebration of the New Year. Living nations will set new goals, move to a new destination on the path of progress and prosperity. Here are a few of the events.

Different nations of the world celebrate the New Year according to their culture and traditions. 

The Middle East, North and South America, continental African countries and Europe.

The name of Sydney is also heard at the beginning of every year. Thousands of lights and many types of fireworks are seen here, and the number of visitors is in the millions. Australian residents gather on the shores of Sydney and its port to celebrate the New Year.

2019 Review | A crystal ball here assures the arrival of the nine. Citizens welcome the New Year by watching the Times Square crystal ball fall from its height. This scene is very frightening to the New Yorkers and they look very excited on this occasion.

South Korea announces the arrival of the New Year by ringing a big bell. 

Moscow’s Red Square is famous worldwide. Thousands of people in Russia visit Red Square and celebrate the New Year.

When you leave Germany. With the sound of the bell ringing from the main house.

The Burj Khalifa of Dubai is famous worldwide. The tallest building boasts a fireworks display to welcome the New Year and is a sight to behold.

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