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Hrithik Roshan could be jailed for 10 years, says Kangana’s lawyer


The Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut war must be the ugliest one Bollywood has ever seen, what with the two hammering legitimate notification on each other! In any case, as per a report on, Hrithik appears to have gotten the most noticeably bad end of the stick.

The report cited Kangana’s legal counselor, Rizwan Siddiquee clarifying how Kangana can get Hrithik imprisoned for a long time under segment Section 67 – Publishing of Information which is revolting in electronic structure – of IPC. Siddiquee further went ahead to say that Hrithik can likewise be accused of segments Section 499 and 500 (Defamation and the ensuing Punishment) and Section 506 (Punishment of Criminal Intimidation to ascribe unchastity to a lady) of IPC.

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