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Humaima Malik talk about Mental Health


The leading actress of Pakistan TV and film industry Humaima Malik appealed to her fans to take mental health seriously.

Since the horrific suicide of Indian actor Sushant, a large number of showbiz stars have been talking about mental health on social media.

Tweeting on the micro-blogging site Twitter, Humaima Malik appealed to her fans, “Please take mental health seriously and help those who need you.”

“If there is someone around you who is not feeling well due to depression. Go to him, talk to him and help him get out of this predicament,” Malik wrote. ۔ ‘

The actress wrote, “Just like something hurts our heart and breaks our heart, in the same way. Our brain can get upset for some reason and over time this upset can become a big loss for us.” ‘

Earlier, Zara Noor Abbas, while talking about her mental health. She had revealed that she had suffered from clinical depression during the lockdown. Doctors had also instructed her to seek treatment for it.

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