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Humayun Saeed fulfilled the wishes of Mahira Khan


KARACHI: Humayun Saeed, the renowned Pakistani artist fulfilled the aspirations of an internationally renowned actress Mahira Khan.

One day ago, Mahira Khan described Humayun Saeed as a hero and wrote, “Humayun your heart is visible in your face and work”. Humayun Saeed responded to the expert’s tweet saying, “Thank you so much superstar, I do nothing but pray for my parents and loved ones, honor and fame are all in Allah’s hands, always be happy.”

Mahira Khan made a laughing emoji and wrote, “No superstar, Guddi is better.”

On this actress’s reply, Humayun Saeed fulfilled Mahira Khan’s wish and wrote: ‘Masha Allah! Gaddy is superstar now, superstar goody ‘. Mahar Khan sent a hearty emoji on Humayun Saeed’s greetings and thanked him through it.

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