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Before acting,I worked in garment Factory, Humayun Saeed


Karachi: Humayun Saeed has revealed that he loved another girl before marriage, but he deceived me.

According to the details, Pakistani superstar Humayun Saeed has said that I loved a girl even before marrying his wife, Samina, but the girl cheated on her.

In an interview, Humayun Saeed revealed that he loved a girl before he married Samina.

Humayun Saeed said that the girl did not do good to me and she cheated and I cried a lot when I broke my heart.

The actor said that I am very afraid of losing myself and I do not like English girls at all, my success is driven by not many women but many women.

At the beginning of my career, I worked with Nadia Jameel and Sania Saeed, etc. And the improvement I have made in acting is due to the actors and directors.

Humayun Saeed said that before acting I worked in a garment factory, the first drama was done by the family, because my family did not want me to enter the acting field and now I have been in this industry for 20 years. Is.

Actor Humayun these days plays the role of a husband. Whose wife cheats on him for money and leaves in the serial ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’ for ARY Digital.

In the play. Humayun played the role of a broken husband. By cheating on his wife so well that people started singing about his acting.

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