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Humsafar OST sing by Sadaf and people not handle it.


Humsafar OST sing by Sadaf Kanwal . Scroll down to check out the video.

Sadaf Kanwal who is such a big name for media industry. She is a versatile actress with such an alluring face. At first she is an amazing model. When we talk about the fashion industry it would not be wrong to mention the name of Sadaf there. As she has also receive a lot of awards for the best model.

But now we can see her acting in several films and dramas as well. The talented model now also can be seen in the field of acting. Therefore she prove her mettle in the field of fashion now it’s time for her to show her skills in the media industry. She is now fully prepare to conquer some new fields.

She therefore also become a part of huge controversy when the news came out that she is dating Shahroz Sabzwari. While he was still married to Syra. The news was denied by both.

Later on, Shahroz and Syra both parted their ways. And soon Shahroz tied the knot with Sadaf Kanwal.

The couple receive still a lot of criticism. People are still not ready to accept them. Specially Sadaf who is said to be a home wrecker.

Shahroz and Sadaf therefore is spending such a happily married life together. They keep on sharing beautiful videos and cute pictures on Instagram.

Recently while dining out with the friends. Sadaf sing a beautiful OST of the famous drama Humsafar.

Check out the video:

After watching the video she receive a lot of criticism. People are really angry when they listen singing her OST of humsafar. They call her out for destroying their favorite song. Let’s see what people have to say about her.

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