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I don’t know who Kareena has been following: Sidharth Malhotra


Actor Kareena Kapoor Khan recently made a statement about how Bollywood celebrities are losing respect by posting their personal pictures on Instagram, however actor Sidharth Malhotra disagrees.

In a recent interview, Kareena slammed the excessive exposure of stars online and said that earlier fans would struggle to get a glimpse of an actor and now they post pictures of themselves even from the bathroom.

However, Sidharth, who is on social media feels that it’s a personal choice of the actor. “I don’t know who she has been following. I never posted a picture in the loo or gym. I think it’s a personal call. It all depends on what suits that celebrity. To each his own. Our Twitter handles and Instagram accounts are a reflection of our personalities. Some like to do a lot and others not so much.

The 31-year-old however says that when it comes to posting things on social media he has a few dos-and-don’ts.

Malhotra feels that actors need to be responsible for what they put out. “We can effectively use the platform for various subjects and social causes. It’s about which age bracket connects with us and what we want to tell them.

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