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I don’t think I am very handsome: Fawad Khan

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Fawad Khan, a man whose stunning good looks make women go weak in their knees, is modesty personified when someone compliments him for the same. For someone, who has graced the cover of top men’s magazines, Fawad finds it hard to believe that he is good looking.When asked if he finds it flattering to be rated among the most handsome men in the world, the Pakistani actor said, “I find it hard to believe. It bothers me sometimes. I don’t think I am a very handsome person.”Fawad went on to say that had he been handsome, he would have had no qualms in flaunting it. “If I felt I was handsome, then I would flaunt it. I would flaunt it in many ways.”Interestingly, in a sequence from the trailer of Kapoors and Sons Fawad turns shy when Alia Bhatt calls him hot. When asked how he reacts when someone compliments in real life, Fawad said, “Exactly in the same way.”The actor also revealed that no actress from the industry has ever tried to hit on him. Fawad joked that by the end of the shoot everyone wanted to just get rid of him,.








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