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I feel very happy when I see girls doing what they want in life: Alia Bhatt

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The spunky Alia Bhatt is a proud woman today having chosen to do what she wants in life. It is no surprise that she feels absolutely joyous when she sees girls opting to take up things that they wish to do.

The actress, however, feels there is no great need to have a day specifically to celebrate Women’s Day as one should feel proud about being a woman every single day. “I feel proud looking at a film like Neerja do so well. I feel proud looking at the work that Malala does. I feel proud looking at the kind of dedication that my female manager has towards her work. I feel proud looking at women waitresses. I feel proud looking at women around us.”

Alia believes it is important for girls to realise their values in life. “I am a passionate person. I believe girls out there in our country are not aware of their values enough and that their lives and their dreams are in their hands. The way our country has always functioned where the girl gets married and says bye bye shouldn’t happen. And if that is what a girl wants then fair enough. Being a housewife is also not an easy job. It’s very difficult. But the choice to do what you want in life should be in a girl’s hand and that’s what I stand by,” averred Alia.


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