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I get VIP access to Coldplay forever: Sonam Kapoor defends her brief Coldplay appearance


The release of Coldplay’s highly awaited video for ‘Hymn For The Weekend’ left Sonam Kapoor’s fans disappointed.

Her barely-there presence in the video as a traditionally dressed up Indian woman only added to their complaints about the stereotypical portrayal of India.

But Sonam Kapoor feels she had got reason to star in the video, even if it was for three shots.

“First of all, I am in a Chris Martin video and I am a huge fan of Coldplay. When I was in high school, I grew up [listening to] Oasis, Coldplay and U2. And if somebody told me at 16 that I was going to be in a video, I would go: ‘shut up’,” said Kapoor in an interview with Gulf News.

Although her agent wasn’t too pleased about the brevity of her appearance in the video, Sonam didn’t care:

“But I was like it’s [expletive] Coldplay, dude. I get VIP access to them forever,” said Kapoor.

“So on my birthday, I get to take all my friends for a concert. I get VIP access to their concerts forever and I am going to make them sing ‘Yellow’ to me. This is good. When I was in high school, I listened to ‘Yellow’ from Coldplay and ‘Wonderwall’ from Oasis and I used to cry and wondered if anyone would sing me these songs to me. And there I am, doing this video. Everybody is going on about these three shots alone,” said Kapoor.

The agent wasn’t the only person who was in two minds about the opportunity. Her father, Bollywood superstar Anil Kapoor also didn’t understand what the fuss was about.

“My dad went: ‘Yeh, Coldplay kaun hai’ [who’s this Coldplay?] and I told him: ‘Imagine if someone from your time — be it the Bangles’ ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ or Michael Jackson — told you that they want you to be in their video … This is the 16-year-old Sonam going: [expletive] ya’,” said Kapoor.

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