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I tried Darzi Express so you don’t have to

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KARACHI: Nothing frustrates me more than going to see my tailor. Our former love/hate relationship has lately become a hate/die relationship.

He almost never gets my clothes right on the first go, rarely delivers on time and it takes every ounce of my patience to explain what I want for each suit. It’s a hassle and it’s the last thing one needs after a long, hard day at work.

With Eid relatively close by, I’m already shuddering to think about how many times I’m going to have to go down to his dingy shop.

When I stumbled upon the Facebook page for Darzi Express, I was beyond ecstatic; I thought this was the answer to all my stitching woes. Right?

Well, not quite!

Where it all started

Darzi Express is a home pick-up and delivery tailoring service — the first of its kind in the country.

“Growing up, my mother used to design clothes exclusively for a niche circle. We had these kaarigars operating out of our house so I’ve always had access to the manpower,” shares Muhammad Ahad, the brains behind Darzi Express.

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