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Ibn-e-Insha death anniversary today


Ibn-e-Insha’s 41st death anniversary is today

 ابن انشاء نے یونیسکوکی سفیرکی حیثیت سے  یورپی اورایشیائی ملکوں کے دورے کئے

Famous poet and comedy writer Ibn-e-Insha passed away from this mortal world on 11 January 1978, Today his 41st death anniversary is being celebrated.Ibn-e-Insha became a famous person when he started writing his columns in various Urdu newspapers in a very unique and comedy style. Simultaneously he wrote several poems and  ghazals. which were liked so much that people used to repeat them even on streets.Some famous poems of Ibn-e-Insha are ‘Insha jee utho ab cooch karo, is sher men ji ka lagana kia’ Kal chaudhween ki raat thi shab bhar raha carcha tera’, ‘ati hy pawan jati ha pawan’ and ‘jaly to jalao gori’.  His famous books include ‘Is Basti kay ik koochay men(in a street of this town), Chand Nagar (the city of moon), and ‘Dil-e-Wehshi (The brute heart).Ibn-e-Insha’s real name was Sher Muhammad Khan.He was born in the Indian city Jalandhar, East Punjab on 15 June 1927. He received his education in Pakistan with passing his Graduation from the Punjab University and Master from the Karachi University.He was also appointed as Director of National Book Council in 1962. He also remained vice chairman of the Tokyo Book Development Program and a member of the central editorial board of Asian Co-Publication Program Tokyo.Ibn-e-Insha also visited several Asian and European countries including Japan, Phillines, China,Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia,India, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Turkey, Iran France United States and UK,  as a representative of UNESCO and wrote the details and social political and other conditions of these countries in his travelogues which include ‘Awara Gard Ki Diary (diary of a wanderer),’Ibn-e-Batoota Kay Taaqub Men'(following Ibn-e-Batoota), ‘Dunya Gol Hay'(the world is round)and ‘Chaltay Ho To Cheen Ko Chaliay'(Let us go to China).His teachers included some renowned personalities of their time. In his youth years, Ibn-e-Insha also lived together with the renowned film poet s for a short period. He died on 11 January 1978.n

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