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if people call me pakistani shahrukh khan, I have no objection, Humayun Saeed


Karachi: Actor Humayun Saeed said that it does not mind if people call me Pakistan Shahrukh Khan says because the times were not the films in Pakistan, emerged Khan as a romantic actor in India, he expressed his views talking to news reporter.

He said that people look similar acting of My and Shah Rukh Khan and therefore I present Pakistani film because I’ve been introduced if he’s Romance of King Industry which point it compares with Shah rukh khan work in Indian films , it will take time for people to recognize the knowledge of Pakistani film Industry and actors.

He said that they did offers various films from India, but due to the lack of time i did not accept that, I am busy with my film and drama productions, there is nothing wrong working in Indian Film Industry, I  have did couple of project over there.  but now focus on Pakistani Film industry and returns to play for our fans.

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