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“If you call me a witch when you ask for truth, then yes, I am a Happy Witch.”


Image source In some conservative societies, certain requirements are set for the ‘ideal woman’. In such societies, it is often complained by women that some people call her by different names when she speaks of rights and shows bravery and does not recognise her as the ‘ideal woman’ of the society.

Keeping this theme in mind, a new show has been created under the direction of Asim Abbasi called ‘Charlies’. It is a series about the lives of four women and the problems they face.

It will air on India’s streaming website Zs on August 11 and features Sarwat Gilani, Mehr Bano, Nimrah Bacha, Yasira Rizvi, Mehr Jafari, Sarmad Khost, Sania Saeed and Umair Rana.

The women who ask for truth can be a witch?

These four main characters of the show of “Happy Witch”, Sarwat Gillani, Mehr Bano, Nimrah Bacha, and Yasir Rizvi have spoken to BBC

Speaking about the show “Happy Witch”, the actresses objected that in this region, including Pakistan, words like ‘bad woman’ or ‘witch’ are used for women who speak up for their rights.

“As a child, people used to scare us by telling stories about witches,” says Nimrah Bacha. In Western and Eastern stories, the witch is an ugly woman. She is an angry and hateful woman. That scares people. “

According to Sarwat Gilani, “The idea of ​​a witch in our society is that the woman who will raise her voice for herself is rude and immoral, she is a witch. She who speaks for her rights in her own home, for the rights of another woman outside, is also rude, immoral and vicious.

Mehr Bano also agrees with him. According to her, the word has been given a meaning, like women are called witches and they are separated from the society by giving such names. It is said that this woman is not well. Don’t talk to her, she is crazy. This is because she knows how to stand up for her rights. And if they don’t get their rights, they fight for them.

“This show is not just for fun,” said Yasira Rizvi. Here the witch is given a new definition. If such words are used for brave women in our region, it does not mean that women should quietly endure oppression and not be able to express their views. They could not raise their voice for their rights. So this trick will not work now.

Sarwat Gilani even said, “I am happy to accept myself as a witch if it means I am brave and sensible, and I speak for the rights of others.”

Talking about Nimrah’s role, Sarwat Gilani said, “Nimrah’s role is very close to real life. They are the same in their home … If someone says something, an iron will come. ‘

Nimrah says about her character Batol that ‘Batol’s character is like everyone wants to be. This is a very weighty character. She has been released from prison after 20 years. His circumstances have made him very tough. There is one thing in Batol that she does not apologise to anyone. I have stopped saying sorry since then.

Sarwat said his character’s name is Sarah, who is a lawyer. “She has put her career aside because wherever she comes from, she wants to be an ideal wife, daughter-in-law and mother. So she is stuck in this difficult situation. If it hadn’t happened to Sarah, she would probably have spent her whole life like this if she hadn’t caught her husband.

“It shows what a weak and scared woman is like. When something goes wrong with it, there are two ways to deal with it, one way is to live your life in silence. This is what they usually see in society. But we have a different approach to witchcraft. What do these women do when they have enough?

Mehr Bano said that her character is that of a middle class girl who has a passion and passion to do something. He enjoys boxing but his father does not allow it and he is not supported by anyone in the family, not even by his mother. Brother blackmails. She still goes boxing in secret.

Yasira says her character’s name is Jagnu Chaudhry, a woman from a wealthy family. Event manager. At the beginning of the story, his business is sinking.

“The witches tell you how to lift yourself up,” says Sarwat.

Nimrah Bacha also told about an interesting incident that took place during the show.

She says that while walking on the street during a scene, she saw the name of her character’s husband. “Later, for another scene, as I was walking in a cemetery, I stopped at a grave named after my husband in real life.”

Source : BBC Urdu by Mosa Yawari

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