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Iffat Omar record her statement against Ali Zafar


Pakistan Showbiz Actress and former model Iffat Omar have said that she believes that Ali Zafar had harassed Mesha Shafi.

Effat Omar

Ali Zafar’s defamation suit was heard. Mesha Shafi‘s mother, actress Saba Hameed and actress Iffat Omar appeared in court for cross-examination on their statement.

Meesha Shafi

Iffat Omar testified in court that the verdict in the case would have a detrimental effect on the minds of Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi’s children. And their children would face embarrassment.

Effat Rahim

It is the responsibility of the accuser to provide evidence even after accusing someone. I can say for sure that Meesha Shafi must have been harassed by Ali Zafar.

Effat Rahim

She said that”I wanted my daughter to be like Mesha Shafi,”

Iffat Omar

The actress said that Saba Hameed is my friend and I respect him more than my teacher.

Saba Hameed

Actress Leena Ghani stated in court that Ali Zafar’s father is my teacher. I have family terms with him. An invitation was also sent to Ali Zafar’s wedding. I was not saddened by Ali Zafar’s wedding, mine and Ali Zafar’s There is a big difference in age. So whenever she met Ali, his father was with him. Then, actress Leena completed the cross-examination on her statement.

Leena Ghani

Meesha Shafi’s mother Saba Hameed pleaded in court that Mesha Shafi resides in Canada. And She cannot travel due to Corona, her statement should be recorded through a video link.

Saba Hameed

The court directed Saba Hameed to file a formal written application. ۔ The court also summoned singer Mesha Shafi’s manager Syed Farhan for the next hearing.

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