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Ijaz Aslam says that Urwa needs to learn to distinguish in industry


The Well known actor Ijaz Aslam says that he did not work with Urwa Hocane. But he has heard that he gets angry very quickly.

Ijaz Aslam

During an interview on private television. Ijaz Aslam was asked to name an actress with whom you have worked and you think. She needs manners (distinction, manners, manners). Is?. To which the actor replied after thinking for a while that “Urva Hussain”, because I have heard from people about her that she gets angry very quickly, once or twice the directors got bitter but this is a lie. Maybe.

Ijaz Aslam

He explained that my statement may be a lie because I did not have the opinion of both sides and I did not see Urva insulting anyone, the actress treats me very well.

Ijaz Aslam

Ijaz Aslam further said that if what he has heard is true then Urva Hussain needs to learn to distinguish.

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