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I’ll Sulk And Be Pissed Off With You Said Deepika Padukone To Director

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A fly on the wall session with Finding Fanny director Homi Adajania who we asked to interview the Deepika Padukone he knows.
Well when these two came together we saw a very different Deepika. This is a bizarre breakfast conversation if we have ever seen one!
It’s 8 am and I’m sitting in Deepika Padukone’s dining room sipping filtered coffee and trying not to stare at her loveliness which is very difficult. Between us is a fully loaded breakfast table. This dreamy moment is shattered as the bell starts to ring incessantly. Homi Adajania traipses in smiles at me giving a ‘hey’ nod and abruptly breaks half of the dosa on her plate and stuffs it into his mouth.
HA: You’re feeding a football team or what?

DP: At least say good morning before you start making fun of my “South Indian” habits! Aye! Get your own!… And so after fighting over a freshly made crisp dosa that has just been brought out Deepika wins, stuffs it into her mouth and leans back laughing.
DP: Chal Homer…so you want to do something exciting nah? Now when Deepika Padukone says that to anyone it’s hard not to want to misconstrue her words. But then again these two seem to share a relationship that could well make her one of the boys in a football locker room. Okay…before everyone’s imagination gets out of hand let’s get the excerpts of a rather bizarre freewheeling chat.
HA: Babe you got to drop this politically correct avatar and let your audiences see the “Veronica” in you.
DP: I’m an actor nah Homer… I’m here to act to make movies to entertain and through these movies make people laugh and smile and…You know we forget how powerful cinema can be and the impact it has on people.. So then why do we focus on irrelevant gossip when there’s so much more to talk about? I mean come on ya is a wardrobe malfunction or someone’s random affair more important than discussing issues to help sport or women’s empowerment?
HA: F@#k! You’re in a solid gyaanghar mood this morning?!
DP: I’m being serious you ass! Oh my God… just see how I start speaking like you when we’re together… Please don’t print that!
HA: Chill ya an “ass” is a frikkin donkey. You HAVE to print that!
DP: Fine then…you ASS! Okay you’re right let’s lighten this up it’s for BT ya Who’s your favorite actor by the way??
HA: Babe I’m asking the questions here.
DP: Arre you’re not directing me right now! Say nah? Who is your favorite actor?
HA (laughs): You… But only till I do a next film WITHOUT you!
DP: Okay I am seriously putting this on record here that I will sulk and be pissed off with you as soon as you do a film without me! I am very possessive when it comes to this so get ready to deal with it and don’t call me because I won’t be answering your calls!
HA: That’s cool because you don’t anyway… Irritant! So tell me apart from this future sulk you are prepping for what really messes with your head?
DP: Lies I think… I detest people who lie. If you mess up don’t lie to me! That really winds me up…Tell me you’ve messed up and I’ll love you forever… Be real… Be honest… We all make mistakes…
HA: Oooh! Deep scars or what babe? Unrequited love story or stories?
DP: I’ve been through my share of heartache and heartbreak. But in fact that’s something I value. It has given me clarity… it has given me direction… It has also made me realize that sometimes what is relevant at a certain time in one’s life is irrelevant at another…
HA: So what is relevant now in your life?
DP: As clichéd as it sounds I just want to be happy ya! Isn’t that what we all are working towards at the end of the day?
HA: Okay tell me about the girl who religiously goes to Tirupati and religiously jumps out of planes.
DP: Means what ya? I was an athlete first then an actor. We’ve done some sky dive together and you don’t think you need to have some divine help when you jump out at 14,000 feet! See this is exactly what I meant earlier! If you want to know about my personal life at least talk about the significant stuff. No one cares about my love for sports or whether I’ve dived with Great White Sharks or jumped out of planes or the fact that I love cooking!

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